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What is a Destination Elopement?

You might be wondering what a destination elopement wedding is all about? Couples that want to get married with a small wedding abroad, in a different country, in a different place, are on a destination elopement.

Newlyweds during their destination elopement abroad, choosing to have an outdoors ceremony on the cliffs, one of the most intimate wedding venues abroad.
Newlyweds celebrating their love during their destination elopement abroad after getting married on the rocky cliffs, one of Bornholm’s most intimate and all-natural wedding venues.

These types of intimate weddings abroad celebrate adventure and make the most of a special day! By eloping abroad, whether it’s by themselves or a small group of friends and/or relatives, the couple combines their wedding day with the excitement of discovering a new place.

Newlywed on Bornholm Island which is ideal for beach elopement weddings.
A destination elopement is all about celebrating and capturing your love for intimacy, travel, and adventure as a couple. The Allinge area on Bornholm Island is perfect for beach elopements.

Instead of having a stressful wedding day, destination elopement weddings are already planned out and the couple just sits back and enjoys their special ceremony while experiencing the hidden marvels of the Bornholm Island.

Marcus & Franziska during their romantic elopement wedding ceremony at Bornholm’s Hammershus Ruins, surrounded by stunning views of the Baltic Sea.

Couples that have decided to elope abroad have many intimate wedding venues on Bornholm Island to pick from. From medieval ruins to weddings on a yacht or on cliffs overlooking the stunning Baltic Sea, Bornholm Island is full of extraordinary romantic destinations for couples to choose from. 

A group of friends coming to celebrate a small wedding abroad, enjoying every moment of the destination elopement as they toast champagne and laugh.
A group of friends toasting to the newlyweds and loving every second of the destination elopement chosen for a fun wedding abroad.
The Princesshaven Garden cliffs on Bonrholm Island are perfect for adventure-loving coulpes on their destination elopement abroad.
Adventurous couples love coming to Bornholm Island for its unique Scandinavian landscapes during their small wedding abroad, like the Princesshaven Garden cliffs.
A couple in the front of the light house on Bornholm, one of the best destinations for the elopement abroad
White sand and the light house of the South Bornholm
a gay couple in the front of the huge rock during their small intimate wedding abroad on Bornholm
Bornholm is famous for LGBT intimate weddings

Bornholm Island is a European gem and couples that want a fun, yet laid back and charming experience, come here for their small wedding abroad. The darling picturesque streets, great weather, and warm-hearted spirit make this destination popular not only among couples eloping abroad but also locals from other parts of Denmark!

Elope Abroad Any Time!

As we mentioned previously, elopements abroad are not just limited to the bride and groom! There are many different types of special elopements for all occasions.

Intimate weddings on Bornholm Island are perfect for parties of up to 20 guests.

A couple during their elopement wedding in Bonrholm Island, enjoying their yacht wedding as one of the most intimate wedding venues abroad.
Summer and spring lovers Daniela & Malte have come to Bornholm Island and had their wedding on a yacht as they sailed by the coastline!
A small wedding abroad ceremony on a yacht traveling around the Bornholm Island coastline, one of the most romantic elopement destinations in Northern Europe.
Daniela & Malte getting married as they celebrate their small wedding abroad on the Bornholm coastline with their friends and loved ones.
an LGBT couple during their destination elopement on Bornholm island. Link above “LGBT Elopement” must link to “LGBT” page
Francois and Willian during their LGBT elopement abroad to Bornholm.

Off-season elopements are popular with couples that want to get married in the fall, winter, or spring seasons.

A small wedding abroad can happen any time of year, as shown by these newlyweds enjoying their destination elopement in one of Bornholm islands marinas.
Even winter and early spring weddings are popular in Bornholm! Couples love exploring the harbors and local culture regardless of the weather and temperature outside!

And, of course, vows renewal is ideal for couples that want to elope abroad to celebrate their love and feel the spirit of adventure where they remind each other the meaning and power of their relationship.

Elopement Weddings on Bornholm Island

Some of the most intimate wedding venues abroad can be found on Bornholm Island. Couples from all over the world have come to this Danish island as it truly is one of the most romantic elopement destinations in Northern Europe.

A couple at the Hammershus Ruins on Bornholm Island, a truly intimate wedding venue abroad, perfect for destination elopements.
Kelly & Dean from Texas, USA eloped to Bornholm Island and chose the Hammershus Ruins as their intimate wedding venue abroad.

In addition to the beautiful scenery and relaxed vibes, Bornholm Island makes the marriage process really easy for international couples and the marriage certificate is recognized worldwide!

Look through our most popular Bornholm Island elopement destinations andlet’s start planning your dream elopement today!

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