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Bornholm’s Best Wedding Venues

Bornholm: where romance lives forever

Ready for something unforgettable? Bornholm Island awaits for you and your significant other with its unique and natural beauty! This European Island is ideal for planning elopements abroad and small ceremonies because of its unforgettable landscape and charm, but also because of its simple marital procedures.

Take a look below at the most attractive and alluring locations for destination weddings and elopements in Europe’s Bornholm Island, from historic ruins to forest and beach weddings.

Hammershus Ruins

Couples that want to add a timeless majestic feeling to their ceremony often go to the Hammershus Ruins, a medieval ruin on top of the hills that overlooks the Baltic Sea. With a full sea view from the historic site, the venue is perfect for elopements and destination micro weddings in Europe as it is truly a special location.

The Hammershus Ruins is a wonderful European wedding destination, a lovely venue overlooking the Baltic Sea.
The medieval Hammershus Ruins, a historic landscape next to the Baltic Sea.
Newlyweds kissing during their wedding destination in Europe, enjoying the views from Bornholm Island’s Hammershus Ruins.
Tara & Calum at the top of the Hammershus Ruins, enjoying every second of getting married on the island during their dream European elopement.
Newlyweds sitting at the Hammershus Ruins enjoying their adventurous wedding destination in Europe.
Kelly & Dean sitting at the Hammershus Ruins enjoying their time together in one of Europe’s most charming wedding destinations.
An intimate wedding ceremony at the Hammershus Ruins enjoying one of Northern Europe’s best wedding venues.
Lise and Simon from Germany with their small group of guests at the top of the Ruins!

The Baltic Sea

Yes, the Baltic Sea itself is a popular wedding ceremony location! Couples that love the sun and the sea book our yacht wedding package and say their “I do’s” surrounded by the majesty of the Baltic Sea.

Cruising on the sea, with the sunshine, tapas, and champagne, couples choose the Baltic Sea for their wedding location to relax and explore the beauty of the mysterious island.

The Baltic Sea as a wedding location is truly notable. While most people get married in a church or city hall, imagine saying you got married out in the sea while on an adventurous destination wedding trip in Europe!

Newlyweds during their yacht wedding, after deciding they wanted to make the baltic sea their wedding location as they elope in Europe.


Who says you can’t get married in a lighthouse as your wedding location? Lighthouses are special because they make getting married on the island a stunning experience and are ideal for European weddings because they are dramatic and can offer a beautiful view of the surrounding nature.

For couples that want to get married in the sky, overlooking the beautiful nature and sea, lighthouses make for a special wedding location with their majestic presence overlooking the land.

Louise & Simon smiling after their wedding at the Hammeren Lighthouse, one of the best wedding venues in Europe for couples that want to explore Scandinavia.
Louise & Simon rejoice with glee after exchanging their vows at the Hammeren Lighthouse.
Newlyweds enjoying their wedding destination in Europe as they enjoy their time on top of the Hammeren Lighthouse.
Newlyweds at the Hammeren Lighthouse during their European adventure in Bornholm.
The Dueodde Lighthouse is a way to combine a unique wedding destination venue with the beach surroundings.
Newlyweds enjoying their time at a pure white sand beach after their ceremony at the Dueodde Lighthouse.

Bornholm Island is home to many lighthouses and couples that choose one of them as a ceremony location explore the surrounding area as they enjoy their memorable adventure in Europe on their special wedding day.

Lighthouses make for a unique location that offer a rush and a feeling of seclusion while soaking into the breathtaking views of the surrounding island.

Romantic Cliffs of the Princess Garden

If you and your loved one are dreaming of dropping it all to elope abroad , romantic cliffs are a popular choice for island weddings. One of the most stunning cliffs and natural areas is Bornholm’s “Garden of the Princess” near Gudjem town. Known as Princessehaven among the locals, this area with its cliffs is truly one of Bornholm’s secrets and perfect for nature lovers.

These cliffs are like natural treasures because they are so alluring visually, making them a rustic wedding venue for couples that want to book their wedding outdoors in one of Europe’s best hidden locations.

Newlyweds walking, holding hands and enjoying their remote beach wedding in one of Europe’s most beautiful islands.
Newlyweds exploring the “Garden of the Princess,” enjoying their edgy rustic wedding in Europe.
Newlyweds kissing as they explore the “Garden of the Princess,” one of Bornholm’s natural treasures.
Newlyweds kissing at the “Garden of the Princess” with absolutely stunning views.
A rustic wedding can be organized at the cliffs as it is a venue that can tailor all types of ceremonies as couples and their loved ones explore this lovely European island.
Small wedding parties can also be planned at the “Garden of the Princess” venue.
Newlyweds walking up the stairs for their rustic wedding, an open air venue in Europe’s remote island.
Walking up the stairs at the “Princess Garden” to get a full view of the wonderful surroundings and begin the wedding ceremony at this al fresco venue.

The romantic cliffs offer one of the best wedding venues for couples that want to have an edgy but rustic wedding location while exploring one of Europe’s most beautiful islands.

The edgy, elevated cliffs with the sea hugging the coast, the “Princess Garden” makes for an impressionable wedding location.

Micro weddings are ideal for any of these Bornholm Island destinations, even in open air venues like the cliffs, as small parties love this island for their European adventure abroad.

Majestic Plateau in an Old Quarry

Couples that want an outdoor wedding venue that combines the forest, elevated views, and water also have the majestic Plateau in an Old Quarry as a rustic wedding venue option. The plateau offers a stunning view of many charming sites, including the: Opal Lake, Hammersø Lake, and Sandvig town. Also, on the plateau, the fine Crystal Lake is situated with sparkling water, surrounded by beautiful trees.

A wedding ceremony at this venue makes for a special occasion, ideal for rustic weddings in the countryside. This serene destination is perfect for a wedding abroad in Europe that captures a beautiful landscape for the ceremony to proceed and vows to be exchanged.

A couple embracing at the top of the plateau as they enjoy this outdoor wedding venue, one of the best locations in Europe.
The magnificent view from the top of the plateau, overlooking Opal Lake.
Bornholm’s plateau overlooking the Opal Lake makes for a romantic rustic wedding venue for couples that want a laid back elopement adventure in Europe.
Enjoying the elevated, majestic view from the plateau and the serene Opal Lake.
Newlyweds kissing at the Crystal Lake, a beautiful outdoor location that is ideal for rustic weddings in Europe’s Bornholm Island.
Kissing at the Crystal Lake at the top of the plateau.
A bride and groom enjoying the plateau at Bornholm, a charming rusting wedding venue for elopements in Europe.
Newlyweds embracing at Bornholm’s plateau above the old quarry, an al fresco rustic wedding venue for laidback ceremonies in Europe.

The plateau can also be a romantic choice for vow renewal as it offers a secluded romantic location in one of Europe’s most intimate islands. This outdoor venue is absolutely beautiful and simply unforgettable.

From the plateau, the quarry is seen with the Opal Lake in the center, surrounded by beautiful green shrubbery and trees. The pristine blue water glistens and the fresh air is abundant at this peaceful wedding venue, making it one of the best outdoor locations in Bornholm.

At the top of the plateau is also Crystal Lake, one of the many beautiful sights in this area. The couples that we’ve planned weddings for love to explore this lake, along with the Opal and Hammersø Lakes nearby, during their destination wedding abroad.

Magical Forests

Bornholm, an island full of various stunning landscapes, even makes for a European forest wedding destination. The deep green colors, the intertwining trunks, and the leaves rustling, all make for a romantic and intimate backdrop for a small wedding on the island and for couples wanting to elope abroad.

Some couples want to have their wedding in the middle of a forest. Forest ceremonies are perfect for elopements and small weddings and forests make for an amazing venue. At this location, couples enjoy the intimacy and romance while taking a break from their everyday routine by planning it at a European island.

A couple during their forest wedding, a romantic wedding location for couples that want to get married in Europe.
Newlyweds posing for their couple photo as they enjoy the European forest vibes.
Newlyweds during their gay LGBT wedding, enjoying their forest wedding adventure in Europe.
Francois & Willian admiring the beauty of the forest during their LGBT adventure.
A couple holding hands and smiling during their forest wedding elopement at Bornholm, a charming European island, a unique venue location for small weddings abroad.
Rejoicing at their forest wedding venue during their Bornholm Island adventure.

Forests make for one of the best venues for couples that want to go for that rustic feel. As specialist wedding planners, we transform the forest with charming touches and details, all while being ecologically friendly.

Couples getting married in one of the island’s forests love the connection with nature, the feeling of going into the forest and exchanging vows while the birds chirp and the branches sway.

Pure Beaches

Since Bornholm is a historic European island, many couples end up getting married on one of the picturesque beaches. From soft white sand beaches to wild rocky shores, there is a beach for every couples’ personality.

Being an island surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Bornholm has some of the most stunning beach wedding venues in Northern Europe. The pure beaches, the cliffs, and lighthouses offer a dramatic yet peaceful venue for destination elopements and small weddings.

Beach wedding venues are aplenty at Bornholm, attracting couples that want to have their wedding in Europe by the Baltic Sea.
Angelina & Scharif intimate celebration on the beach
A couple holding hands walking around their chosen beach wedding venue while on their dream adventure elopement in Europe’s Bornholm Island.
Xiomara & Matthew at the Melsted Beach, enjoying the calming and peaceful landscape they chose as their wedding venue.
A couple running across the Dueodde beach, one of Bornholm Island’s purest beaches, a great wedding venue for couples that want an intimate ceremony.
One of Bornholm Island’s purest beaches is Dueodde.

Bornholm Island is known for its plentiful beach wedding venues , offering unique landscapes that capture Northern Europe’s rugged and rustic spirit. Couples come to Bornholm and choose one of the many pure beaches as their wedding locations for a romantic ceremony abroad.

A beach wedding at Bornholm Island is perfect for couples that want to feel close to the Baltic Sea while on an adventure abroad in Europe. Bornholm’s coastline is home to so many different kinds of pure beaches, you are bound to find a wedding venue that matches what you’ve been dreaming of.

The Medieval Center

Couples that want to combine history with a rustic, country-style wedding, like a trip back in time, can elope to Europe and get married in a medieval town open-air museum in Bornholm Island. Surrounded by a style that is reminiscent of simpler times, the Medieval Center with its open-air museum is a way to introduce a modern-day fantasy to elopements and small wedding ceremonies abroad.

Yet, adventurous couples from all over the world love coming and getting married on this island as they enjoy the stunning nature, the local cuisine, the picturesque towns, and the sea view sunsets.

Couples that dream of having a viking-themed wedding love this location, yet it is also popular with couples that plan on having an off-season wedding in the late fall, winter, and early spring months.

Celebrate Your Love

Bornholm, as a wedding island, combines history, unforgettable views, natural landscapes, and special moments. Book your dream European wedding destination today and make your dream adventure ceremony come to life.

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