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Helen & David’s Medieval Historical Wedding on Bonrnholm

Interested in turning your wedding abroad into an unusual adventure with a tint of history? A medieval-themed wedding could be perfect for you!

A couple during their unusual wedding adventure in Bornholm, standing in front of the Middle Ages Center.

Why not travel back in time and feel like you are in a different time and place? Bornholm has a rich history, and the island is home to a Middle Age Center that can be a perfect destination for couples interested in a historical wedding. After all, why not?

Newlyweds enjoying their medieval wedding, an elopement abroad idea, for bold couples, at Bornholm Island in Denmark.

You can have your wedding with the classic bride and groom attire, but some couples even borrow traditional medieval clothes from the Middle Age Center, really getting into the spirit!

This venue is remarkable and attention-grabbing, an unexpected choice for bold couples that want to have an unusual wedding abroad.

a bold couple walking in the medieval center after they have their unusual adventure wedding abroad on Bornholm island

The grounds are surrounded by beautiful trees, green grass, and… sheep! It really gives a country-style wedding vibe, one where you can travel back in time and really try something unique. That’s why couples like David and Helen chose this option as it’s truly a special elopement abroad idea.

A sheep on top of rocks near the Middle Ages Center in Bornholm Island.

In addition to the country-style surroundings, the interior of the Middle Ages Center is full of historical details and decor. This indoor setup is also perfect for off-season weddings with its candlelight vibe, detailed walls, and fireplace.

The interior space of the Middle Ages Center in Bornholm Island, a great indoor venue for off-season weddings and historical weddings abroad.

Helen and David enjoyed this venue, both inside and out. From the beautiful grounds surrounding the center to the character of the interior, the spaces combined to create a special location for their historical wedding abroad.

Newlyweds enjoying their feast after their unusual medieval wedding abroad.

After enjoying the food and Danish delicacies, the couple moved on outdoors for some fun activities to supplement their medieval wedding adventure in Bornholm.

A bride and groom dressed in historical fashion enjoying games at the Middle Ages Center in Bornholm Island during their unusual medieval wedding, a perfect elopement abroad idea.

The courtyard is filled with things to see and try, including archery! Couples that love unusual and historical details have a blast with these opportunities. It really is a unique way to spend your wedding day, a fun elopement abroad idea.

A bride and groom enjoying nature during their historical wedding in Bornholm.

Whether you decide to have your wedding wearing medieval clothes or classic bride and groom attire, Bornholm’s Middle Ages Center is a unique and memorable venue with its surrounding nature and its interior that made Helen and David’s adventure elopement abroad a special occasion they will cherish for the rest of their lives!

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